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Backpage Escorts is a website with classified advertising, including ads for adult service provider and escorts. The site has come under fire recently, supremacy say, for facilitating human trafficking and child prostitution

The men behind controversial website Backpage edited prostitution advertisements to remove indications of wrongdoing and promote sexual trafficking of underage girls, a U.S. Senate report released .

Escort" is just euphemism for prostitute .Most of these women are looking you would never let them "escort" you anywhere. And what the investigation also shows is that the denizens of Backpage generally inhabit your cheaper motels and flophouses - they are not found at high-class hotels. If anything, should be using Backpage for violating truth in advertising laws.

After the release of the report, Backpage removed “adult” ads or Escort ads from its U.S. web pages or sites, replacing them with messages claiming it was the victim of “unconstitutional” government censorship.

According to the study Three women who claimed they were forced into prostitution at age 15 had sued Backpage, arguing that their pimps had advertised them as “escorts” on the website.

As per the news report The Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations announced earlier that it would hold a hearing into Backpage escort programs.