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Backpage Sex Trafficking and CEO Human Trafficking

At January 9, 2017 after the investigation of 21 months USA government come to know that on the classified site named people are doing sex trafficking. Backpage sex trafficking was the well-known incident of year 2017 and that is why government of United States decided to shut down the adult section of backpage, however people found another way to do these activities and everyone came to know that the shutdown of the site won’t affect anything relates with sex trafficking.

According to the report, backpage ceo human trafficking case site shutdown the adult secton by filtering the text of ads to remove the ads with words like Lolita, rape and school girls and also checking these keywords before posting them, to cover up the objective of the ads.

According to the report approximately 95% of the young girls most of them of age of 14 were sold by human traffickers on Backpage. So innocent girls were becoming victim of human trafficking and somehow government was able to reduce the rate of human trafficking by shutting down the backpage.

According to the recently report backpage is going to shutdown entirely from united states by the end of February 2017. However, the backpage was one of the best classified site and we are going to miss the site.