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      Tips to Use Blog Commenting Sites 

      Blog commenting is an Off-Page SEO technique that provides strong blog comments backlinks at no additional cost. Focusing on blog commenting on high authority websites can help improve your domain authority backlinks and boost organic traffic. A quick search on the internet will give you an authentic blog commenting sites list 2022, or you could learn more about one such site www.bedpage.com,  one of the leading and reliable free classified ads posting sites.

      If you are a newcomer to SEO or digital marketing but are looking for some high domain authority and page rank, dofollow blog commenting sites list 2022; it is advisable to learn more about how inbound links can help your business before starting commenting.

      What is blog commenting?

      Blog commenting is how blog readers and blog publishers communicate on a website that allows remarking. New bloggers and visitors publish their opinions and suggestions about the article/blog to which the publishers reply. SEO specialists, digital marketers, web admins find it very helpful to build backlinks from related web pages and gain referral traffic.

      Is blog commenting effective?

      Yes, blog commenting sites for SEO is a helpful strategy to build backlinks. Do not copy or repeat and write natural comments that improve your site's reputation. You should ensure you do not spam, or you could be blocked.

      Benefits of blog commenting sites for digital marketing

      There are three ways the websites accepting comments approve or reject your comment. You do not pay anything to express your views. Although most sites are no-follow backlinks, they can help increase website traffic, Alexa ranking, and online presence.

      1. Comment Luv: Bloggers prefer websites with comment Luv as when they can add their latest post on their website to the comment they make.
      2. Disqus comments: You must register with the websites before making comments. The admins will approve and then publish your post for others to view.
      3. Instant approval comments: You will find your comment immediately on posting it on the website blog. There is no moderation or approvals here, so possibilities of mischief and spam messages are high.

      You may consider YouTube commenting if your business is related to internet marketing. Add some images videos, and provide a caption to engage readers and visitors.

      Facebook comments have an advantage. Several well-known high-traffic sites accept your comments when logging in through your Facebook account. Your comment on these high pr dofollow blog commenting sites will improve chances of connecting and enhancing followers through social media.

      Search engines ban websites that encourage or indulge in posting unrelated and malicious content. Also, if there are too many comments, your post may go unread in the crowd. Do a careful search for the instant approval blog commenting sites list and check the reputation before posting. Commenting on a wrong blog post cab adversely affect your reputation. Some precautionary steps you must take are

      1. Ensure that your blog comments are free of spam and natural. Do not repeat the comments. The internet offers several tools to recognize spam comments. If they find you spamming, you can face penalization and be blocked.
      2. Never be offensive while blog commenting, as the blog's admin will use the comment moderator and remove your comments. Almost all the blog commenting sites list BlogSpot or elsewhere are strict against negative or unnecessary remarks and will block your comment.
      3. It is advisable to contribute to every conversation or avoid commenting. Put your website URL to get a backlink (do-follow or no follow). Otherwise, the traffic you get when anyone clicks on the comment will be significantly less.
      4. Select blogs related to your niche. Commenting on blog sites linked to classified sites in USA will mean reaching your global target audience.
      5. Avoid short comments such as "nice post," "Thank you for this information," "awesome," and something similar. Instead, catch the reader's and admin's attention with your comments. Let them know how the blog is helpful for you or discuss a point with your opinions.

      Types of backlinks:

      With each comment you make on another's blog, you create a backlink for yourself and improve the scope for more traffic.

      Blog commenting for backlinks comes in two types.

      Do follow is a link by default. Links without a no-follow attribute are standard do-follow links. When another website links to your do-follow link, it will significantly boost search engine rankings. No-follow links do not impact search engine rankings as search engine crawlers do not crawl the links. 

      Classified submission sites like bedpage.com are big boosters for your business to reach your audience worldwide instantly. They help local and global customers know your business and can be an essential part of your SEO strategy to drive potential buyers to your site and help conversions.

      Finding free classified websites is not difficult. The list may frequently be changing due to changing rules or companies making amendments to their policies.